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The Eight Trigrams

The Eight Trigrams is a cycle of eight electronic drone pieces about the "I Ching", the Chinese Book of Change which is based on eight so-called trigrams. These are heaven, earth, lake, mountain, fire, water, wind, and thunder. The book is frequently used for fortune telling, usually by tossing coins. By tossing six times, the interpretation of the resulting hexagram(s) can be used to answer important questions in ones life.

Written in 1984, the original analog recordings were rescued from the vaults of root-studio and given a fresh edit that preserves the original spirit. Each piece is prefaced with a short spoken statement about the trigram, courtesy of Monique Van Dam (Vancouver). Three electronic keyboards are processed with a digital delay processor which creates a rich rhythmic and spatial sound field.

Stefan Schramm teamed up with Brian Graham at the time for an interview on Sidney Cable TV. It was then that three pieces were performed which are now preserved on a video playlist.

Total playing time: 31:01

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