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Songs of the Sea

Known as the acrobats amongst the large whales, the Humpbacks have endeared themselves with their playful water antics to countless whale watchers and whale lovers the world over. These near fifty ton giants can be found in all oceans, feeding on plankton and krill. While they spend much of their time in the colder waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, they migrate to warmer regions, such as Hawaii, for breeding and calving. Their song-like sounds range from human-like utterances to high pitched squeals and rapid staccato calls. Classified as an endangered species in 1966 by the International Whaling Commission, the Humpback population is now on the rebound.

The Musical Soundscapes series features original compositions of unusual variety, from solo piano to full orchestral textures, blended with the fascinating sounds of specific natural habitats. "Songs of the Sea" continues the award winning tradition of this series, showcasing the fascinating song-like sounds of the Humpback Whale.

Total playing time: 47:27

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