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fresh inspiration - rich layers of sonic textures are weaving in and out of one another, creating a new listening experience. The music of rainchild is best listened to when you have time for yourself. Use it for meditation, relaxation, to sleep to, or any time when you don’t need to focus on anything else. A moderate listening volume is recommended. Because the sound on this album is continuous, it is best to not use the shuffle or programming functions available on most audio players. This will ensure uninterrupted listening pleasure.

The music on this album was created using an incredible variety of musical instruments, including a Yamaha grand piano, several acoustic and electric guitars, alto saxophone, hammered dulcimer, a set of wind chimes, a synclavier performance instrument, and many samplers and synthesizers. In addition, you hear direct or processed sounds emanating from the Pacific ocean, a conch shell, a toy howling tube, miscellaneous kitchen utensils, and a myriad of percussion instruments, like congas, udu, djembe, rainmaker, tambourine, claves, finger bells, bottles, hawaiian sticks, and many more.

Total playing time:60:36

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