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This beautiful sonic wallpaper creates a lush ambient atmosphere with always similar, yet always changing textures. While the density remains the same throughout, the actual pitches and tone colors change subtly in brightness and character. One hour of continuous music gives you time to relax, to sleep to, or to just enjoy your inner self.

Discreet was inspired by Brian Enos 'Discrete Music' where a collection of synthesizer motives is processed with long tape loop echoes. Every time a motive starts again, an equalizer gives it a fresh tone color. In Discreet, this happens in a real time algorithm with no human intervention. The program runs on a Synclavier I, a rare electronic instrument of whilch only thirteen were ever built. The computer generates a random motive from a predefined scale, generates a random tone color (waveform) and plays it with a long echo until it fades out. Then the process begins again. Using the Synclaviers quadraphonic outputs, this happens independently on four channels. This album has a mixdown of all four channels to stereo.

Watch the video to learn more about this fascinating, rare instrument.

Total playing time: 60:00

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