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Audio test file

To assure compatibility with your playback system, we are offering a free download of a test file. If the test file plays, so will our other audio files. The testfile also includes meta tags, such as the title, an album graphic, artist, etc. While this info is not essential, it is nice to have and you can verify this with the test file as well.

Please understand that because of the sheer number of playback systems, we cannot provide support for transferring our audio files into your specific audio player or phone. To download ths test file, click the link below.

Note: your browser may start streaming the test file instead of downloading it. You can force downloading the file by right-clicking (or control-clicking on a Macintosh) the link and selecting the download... or save... option from the popup menu. If this step does not work for you, please let us know.

Download test file